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Xbox Users Can Now Beta Test Microsoft's Edge Browser

(Photo by DENIS CHARLET/AFP via Getty Images)

Microsoft is testing its Chromium-powered Edge browser on Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S consoles.

According to The Verge, any Xbox owner currently registered in the Alpha Skip-Ahead testing ring can jump in and give the browser a whirl now.

The current version of Edge does suffer from a few bugs at present. It also only supports navigation via Xbox controller. It’s hardly ready for primetime. Xbox users likely won’t gravitate toward their console’s browser instead of their computer. But it’s a great step forward that will enable a series of useful augments for the future.

For instance, adding Edge to Xbox consoles will also allow users to access their Google Stadia accounts in the future. That means another avenue to stream games with, in addition to the mobile devices and computers Stadia is currently available on.

The current test version also supports many of the same features from the desktop version of Edge. That includes extensions and vertical tabs. If you can do it on your desktop browser, it looks like the Xbox version will eventually mirror it.

Chromium’s addition to Xbox consoles makes it the only current-gen system to have a reliable browser. The PlayStation 5’s browser is not widely available or simple to access. The Nintendo Switch has a hidden browser that you must tinker with to use. Edge’s inclusion across the Xbox ecosystem opens up a wealth of new opportunities.

There doesn’t appear to be a concrete release date for the finished version of the Chromium build. Those looking to use their Xbox console as a desktop replacement for internet browsing should keep their eyes open.

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