Hot off the heels of an international release, Xiaomi intends to announce new Mi 11 Pro and Ultra models at an event planned for Monday. While neither device has full official specs yet, the company is teasing an all-new battery technology that will debut with the Mi 11 Ultra.

Xiaomi is switching to silicon-oxygen anode batteries for its next flagship, as announced on Weibo and Twitter. Silicon-oxygen battery tech is relatively new, and it’s never been used to power a smartphone. The company says the move was inspired by electric vehicles, offering much faster charging times for its newest phone while using a far smaller footprint inside the chassis.

Xiaomi also teased a new chipset, its first since 2017. Its last processor, the Surge S1 SoC, never received a proper successor, but with more hints on Weibo specifically highlighting the word “surging,” it seems like a Surge S2 might be just days away.