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XIGMATEK Announces the Aquarius Plus Queen PC Case

XIGMATEK has announced the Aquarius Plus Queen PC Case, which features a pink color scheme and two tempered glass panels. This PC case features supports all major ATX motherboards and offers a large number of fan mounting locations. XIGMATEK has yet to release any pricing information for this uniquely pink PC case.

The Aquarius Plus Queen PC case is perfect for a gaming setup with a pink or pink and white color scheme

The Aquarius Plus Queen PC Case offers a unique design. It features a vertically-partitioned interior with the left compartment holding the motherboard and the right side holding the power supply and drives. This interior is accented by the pink color scheme that is showcased on both the inside and the outside of the PC case. The PC case exterior has more than just a pink and white color scheme, and it also has two different tempered glass panels. One of these panels is acts as the side panel, and the other tempered glass panel acts as the front panel; this allows users to show off their style and their components!

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This case features fantastic compatibility for large PC components, including an ATX motherboard, a maximum PSU length of 200 mm, and a maximum graphics card length of 360 mm. This wide compatibility makes this case perfect for anyone looking to have a high-end system easily installed; due to the unique design, this case offers compatibility for CPU Coolers with a height of 158 mm.

This case features 10 different fan mounting locations, three fan mounting locations on the bottom, front and top panel. The final fan mounting location is on the rear panel of the PC case. The Aquarius Plus Queen PC Case features IO ports, including two USB 3.0 ports and a single USB 2.0 port.

For storage, this case can support two hard drives and two SSDs; this allows for large steam libraries to be easily stored within this unique pink PC case. This also allows for a wide array of storage to be easily installed within the mounting locations.

XIGMATEK has yet to announce any pricing information or when this case will be available for purchase.

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