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9 Cheap and Easy Tips for Cleaning Up Your Messy Cables

The typical desk, entertainment center, utility closet, or junk drawer houses a tangle of wires and cables. These rat’s nests not only look unsightly but also create obstacles. You can never tell which device connects to which socket. Finding the wire you need from storage becomes a real chore. And heaven forbid you accidentally yank the plug of something important while it’s running an update. Keeping your cords organized not only makes your space look tidy but also keeps everything working efficiently. Most of us are still working from home due to the ongoing pandemic too, so you may be dealing with cords and chargers that you typically left at the office.

Certainly, the easiest way to simplify your cord and cable situation is to go wireless wherever possible. To do that, you’ll need a good router and a few other necessities found in any wireless office.

Try as you might, though, you’re never going to cut all the cables; take control of the ones you need by streamlining them. Secure them to the back of your desk or along baseboards so they aren’t dangling all over the place. Make them easier to access, and label the important ones.

You don’t need to blow an entire paycheck buying knickknacks from an organization store to get the job done, either. Most of the supplies you need are already in your home. At most, you might drop a couple of dollars online or at a hardware store. (Support your local hardware store!)

Here are some of my favorite ways to organize cables and cords.

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