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Apple's first 5G iPhone SE and a hole punch iPhone SE Plus are still a way off

Even though it’s already April and companies like Samsung and Motorola have unveiled and/or released countless new mobile devices so far this year, Apple has yet to follow suit with a single iPhone or iPad announcement.

Of course, things are widely expected to change later this month, when a new iPad Pro generation (which may or may not support 5G) should break cover after many months of anticipation and often conflicting rumors. But while the second-gen iPhone SE is set to turn one in just a couple of weeks, which would typically warrant the launch of an upgraded sequel, we have no reason to believe such a product is in the cards… at the moment.

No 2021 movement on the iPhone SE upgrade front, no big 2022 design changes

In line with Ming-Chi Kuo’s predictions from exactly a month ago, Ross Young over on Twitter is anticipating the “next LCD iPhone SE will remain at 4.7” in 2022.” While that doesn’t spell it out for us, it sure sounds like Apple might be planning to keep the archaic design language of 2017’s iPhone 8 alive at least through 2023. After all, it seems highly unlikely that the company would look to reduce the admittedly massive screen bezels of 2020’s iPhone SE without expanding the display real estate.

Unfortunately, it’s obviously a little early to know for certain what the iPhone SE 3 could bring to the table in terms of specs and features a year from now, and it’s also hard to guess when in 2022 we will see this undoubtedly affordable handset commercially released. 

If history is any indication, the iPhone SE (2022) might come packing the same (Apple A15?) processor as 2021’s iPhone 13 lineup, although it remains to be seen if that will be enough to convince bargain hunters to settle for an outdated design yet again. Of course, there’s a good chance the third-gen iPhone SE will end up costing at least a little more than its predecessor, with Ross Young reiterating “rumors” calling for sub-6 GHz (aka low and mid-band) 5G capabilities sans actually supporting said speculation.
In other words, the jury is still out on whether we’re looking at yet another 4G LTE-only affair here or Apple‘s most affordable 5G-enabled iPhone model currently in the pipeline.

No iPhone SE Plus until 2023

The same aforementioned Twitter leaker and tech industry analyst, who by the way has been right about this type of stuff a number of times in the past, claims there are rumblings in the supply chain on a 6.1-inch “version” of the iPhone SE with a modern hole punch design… slated for 2023.


Naturally, a lot can change between now and 2023, but we definitely wouldn’t hold our breath for an earlier iPhone SE Plus release. The name is not etched in stone either, although it’s been making headlines for a very long time, as Apple was originally expected to unveil both “regular” and jumbo-sized variants of its resurrected iPhone SE last year.
A hole punch-sporting iPhone SE (Plus) obviously doesn’t make much sense until the ultra-high-end iPhone roster ditches the notch, which will only reportedly happen late next year. Hence, as difficult as it might seem right now to wait another couple of years for a budget-friendly 6.1-inch handset from Apple, perhaps that’s ultimately for the best. It remains to be seen, however, just how affordable such a large and undoubtedly stylish iPhone can be, especially with 5G speeds almost certainly included as well.

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