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Belkin's Magnetic iPhone 12 Mount Rotates to Track Your Face

(Photo: Belkin)

Belkin has unveiled a number of new magnetic accessories aimed at iPhone 12 owners, and the most interesting one is a rotating stand with face tracking.

It’s called the Magnetic Phone Mount with Face Tracking, and it allows an iPhone 12 to snap into place either in portrait or landscape mode ready to track you around the room. An accompanying iOS app is required for the stand to carry out face tracking and trigger the 360-degree rotation to follow your movements. It can also handle connecting up to all your social media accounts for video sharing.

Belkin Magnetic Phone Mount with Face Tracking

Photo: Blekin

The stand can be adjusted manually from -15 to 30 degrees vertically, and it works even if your phone is in a MagSafe case. Unfortunately, it relies on three AA batteries for power, meaning there’s no option to charge your iPhone as it’s being used for video. Adding a rechargeable battery or power cable would have increased the price beyond the $64.99 Belkin is charging, though.

Alongside the new mount, Belkin introduced other magnetic accessories including a fitness mount, two Boost|Charge wireless power banks (2.5K and 10K versions), a Boost|Charge 7.5W wireless charger pad, and Boost|Charge 7.5W wireless charger stand. In all cases, the accessories are compatible with the iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max.

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