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Best iPhone 12 MagSafe accessories

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One of the benefits of owning an iPhone is that since it’s so popular, there is a wide range of accessories available for it. Every respectable case maker has a lineup ready for the new iPhones before they’re even announced. On October 29, 2020, though,

decided to change things up a bit and introduced MagSafe for iPhones. Unlike the old MagSafe, which was used to protect your laptop from getting yanked to its doom by the charging cable, the new iteration serves a dual purpose.

First, to help better align wireless chargers for maximum efficiency. People rarely put their phones in a way that aligns the charging coils, mostly because they don’t know exactly where they are. With the new built-in magnets, the phone(or charger) will snap into place.

Second, the magnets allow you to snap all sorts of accessories to your phone that have nothing to do with charging. From cases to credit-card holders, Apple is opening the door to a whole new ecosystem of accessories.

That ecosystem is still young and small since it seems that third-party manufacturers weren’t aware of the addition of MagSafe to the new iPhones, but it’s bound to become larger as time goes on and more and more people buy 

MagSafe Charger

Of course, we start with the MagSafe charger. It’s pretty straightforward, you put your iPhone on it and it starts charging. It also works with the new cases, so there’s no need to remove them before charging. This charger, unsurprisingly, comes without a power adapter, so you’ll need one with a USB Type-C port. 

MagSafe Duo Charger

A step up from the basic MagSafe charger, we have the MagSafe Duo Charger, which adds a charger for your Apple Watch as well. The two chargers are placed in an elegant foldable base that makes this a great option if you’re travelling often. The Apple Watch charger can be popped up in a vertical position so you can easily use with with the new Loop bands.

The price is a bit steep but that’s nothing new in the world of Apple accessories. And yes, you’ll need to get a power adapter separately.

Belkin 3-in-1 Wireless Charger with MagSafe

The ultimate MagSafe charger right now is this 3-in-1 solution from Belkin. With a sleek design worthy of your Apple gadgets, it can charge not only an iPhone and an Apple Watch, but AirPods a with wireless charging case as well. The latter is placed on top of the base of the charger. If you’re rocking a minimalist desk with an iMac or a MacBook on it, this charger will complement them perfectly. 

iPhone Leather Wallet with MagSafe

Next up, we have another brand-new accessory, the magnetic iPhone leather wallet. Yes, wallet cases have existed since forever, but this is a more minimalist twist thanks to MagSafe. The Leather Wallet is literally a one-slot leather pouch that sticks to the back of your iPhone 12. If you like to keep pocket bulk to a minimum, this is a great solution. You’ll probably be able to stick a driver’s license in there as well as a credit card, so you can leave your wallet behind when going to the gym for example.

There’s only one size but you can get the iPhone Leather Wallet in four colors:

  • Baltic Blue
  • California Poppy
  • Saddle Brown
  • Black

iPhone 12 Silicone Case with MagSafe

Silicone cases are among the most popular iPhone cases and now they return with MagSafe compatibility in hand. The reason cases have MagSafe as well is likely because the new flat-edge iPhone 12 design doesn’t allow for cases to grip the phones properly. Now, the Silicone Case with MagSafe can be easily snapped to an iPhone but also quickly removed if needed.

The iPhone 12 Silicone cases come in 8 colors:

  • Plum
  • Deep Navy
  • Kumquat
  • Cyprus Green
  • Pink Citrus
  • White
  • Black
  • Product RED

iPhone 12 Clear Case with MagSafe

The Clear Case this year isn’t really fully clear, which some people might dislike. But for the MagSafe to work, you need something for the magnets to stick to, so now the clear cases have a metal ring embedded in them. There’s also an additional pill-shaped element, perhaps to help with orientation if other accessories are attached to the phones through the case. Either way, the new cases aren’t as clean-looking as before but that’s a sacrifice you’ll have to make for convenience’s sake.

iPhone 12 OtterBox Figura Series Case with MagSafe

OtterBox was one of the lucky third-party manufacturers that managed to ink a deal with Apple for the first batch of non-Apple MagSafe cases. These cases come in four “colors”, although each is a mix of several colors. Each is unique and has a very artsy vibe, giving your iPhone 12 not only protection but a cool fresh look as well. The downside is, that since they’re offered on Apple’s official website, they might become quite popular, which will take away from the uniqueness of the design. Still, if the single-color cases are too boring for you, these cases are a great alternative. 

iPhone 12 OtterBox Aneu Series Case with MagSafe

While at first glance these cases might look as simple as Apple’s Silicone cases, they’re actually a bit more interesting. Each OtterBox Aneu Series case is a combination of two colors, one for the back and another for the sides. That might be a small difference, but it’s enough to make them stand out. The cases are slim but offer good grip and there’s a raised border around the camera cutout that protects the lenses when you put your phone down on a hard surface.

The OtterBox Aneu Series Cases come in four colors:

Proker iPhone 12 Pro MagSafe Ultra-Clear Case

Clear cases don’t seem to be the best ones for MagSafe, unless you like the look of bare magnets on your phone, but hey, if that’s your thing, we’re not judging. Either way, if you don’t feel like giving Apple more money than you already did for your iPhone 12 Pro, you can get this Proker clear case.

Anker Power Bank for iPhone 12 with MagSafe

Anker managed to release a power bank with MagSafe support before Apple, an accessory that makes perfect use of MagSafe. Anker’s portable charger works with all four phones from the iPhone 12 series. It packs a generous 5,000mAh battery, but can only promise to get the 5.4-inch Mini model from 0 to 100 percent cell capacity (and still have a little power left in the tank). Its rubberized surface helps avoid slips and drops, and it can charge your iPhone 12 with a somehow modest 5W charging speed. But hey, it’s a convenient MagSafe accessory.

Belkin Car Vent Mount PRO with MagSafe

Apple now has a MagSafe car mount on its official website. Made by Belkin, which also has Apple’s grace to sell products on it that Apple itself doesn’t feel like working on, this mount grabs onto the vent grills of your car so you can easily slap your iPhone 12 to it. The mount has very Apple-esque aesthetic and won’t cheapen the interior of your car like some phone mounts do with their plastic and bulky design. 

Moment Car Vent Mount with MagSafe

Moment also has a MagSafe vent mount ready to sell. It has a more minimalist design than that of the Belkin mount but lacks the vertical magnet that helps with the proper alignment of the iPhone. Overall, though, it should work just as well and it’s a bit cheaper at $29.99. If you’re not sure MagSafe is strong enough for your driving style but still want to give it a try, it’s a good option. Unfortunately, due to Apple’s aforementioned secrecy regarding MagSafe, Moment’s accessories will start shipping next year.

Moment Tripod Mount with MagSafe

If you’ve ever used a tripod to take pictures with your smartphone, you know that putting it in those clamps that hold it and taking it off is annoying, especially if you want to take a good look at the shots in-between scenes. With this elegant accessory that can attach to any standard tripod, you can use MagSafe to quickly attach your iPhone or take it off to review your work. It’s quite thin, so you can easily find space for it in your bag even if you won’t use it very often. It costs $39.99.

Moment Wall Mount with MagSafe

Probably the simplest MagSafe accessory you can imagine, this wall mount is basically a few magnets on a circular plate with a hole in the middle that you can use to attach the mount to a wall or any other surface you want (and can drill into). But don’t worry, you can use it without having to poke holes in your walls or furniture. One of the sides is covered with adhesive that can stick to pretty much any surface, according to Moment. So, just slap it to where you want your iPhone to stay and you’re done.

What MagSafe accessories can you expect in the future?

As you can see, the selection of MagSafe accessories is still quite sparse at the moment, although the iPhone 12 series have been out and about for quite some time since the phones’ release date of October 29. But as the ecosystem grows, what other accessories should we be looking for?

MagSafe PopSockets

We’re not sure exactly how strong the magnets in the iPhones are but they might be strong enough to hold a PopSocket. That would be pretty convenient since you’ll be able to remove it pretty easily if you don’t want it in certain situations. But then again, would you trust your phone hanging on magnets alone? We might find out soon enough.

MagSafe controllers

Apple’s new chips are excellent for mobile gaming but for the ultimate experience, you need a good controller. With MagSafe, you’ll be able to easily snap any iPhone 12 to the controller. This should lead to more compact designs as well.

MagSafe backplates

A lot of people don’t like using cases because they add bulk to their phone or hide its nice design. But with the new iPhones, you can have a super-thin plate with a unique design on it and it will stick to the back like a second skin, basically allowing you to change the phone’s color at will. Of course, more “sophisticated” backplates will have metal only where the magnets are to allow for wireless charging, but some might be fully metal for extra durability. In this scenario, having the camera bump will actually be a benefit since it will make sure the backplate doesn’t move around or slide off easily.

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