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I thought Minecraft RTX was a gimmick, until I played the damn thing

I’ve been a huge fan of Minecraft almost as far back as its initial release – over a decade ago if anyone else needs to feel older than they should – and though I haven’t played it consistently over the last few years, it’s always been something I crawl back to when I need a few chill evenings away from competitive gaming environments.

When the beta for Minecraft with RTX was announced, I was actually rather confused. A large reason I loved the game was because of its ridiculously low system requirements. You can almost run it on a toaster if needed, but its accessibility was a great selling point.

Whether it was my beaten-up laptop or the old family desktop computer, it was always a game that my siblings and I could play. The friends I had back then that could afford dedicated gaming computers could run beautiful games that demanded beefier components, even when the graphics in games like Skyrim or Crysis 2 reduced down to the lowest playable settings.

Minecraft was an equal playing field, not in a unique sense, but the popularity of a game that made zero effort to look ‘pretty’ was truly impressive. At the end of the day, a block was a block.

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Minecraft with RTX

(Image credit: Mojang)
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Minecraft with RTX

(Image credit: Mojang)

Minecraft RTX won’t run on potato machines

Only, it isn’t anymore. I was skeptical of putting ray tracing into a game like Minecraft because to me, it didn’t make sense. RTX was for games like Cyberpunk 2077 or Metro Exodus, graphically demanding titles that seduced your eyeballs with buckets of atmosphere and semi-realistic environments. RTX Minecraft felt like adding sparkles to Lego.

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