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Motorola's One Hyper is getting updated to Android 11

Motorola‘s smartphones are among the best couple of alternatives for those looking for a device in the entry- and mid-range segments. The One Hyper is an affordable phone that’s been on the market for a bit over a year, but the price is not the only thing that makes this device a good deal.

Since it made its debut on the market at a time when Android 11 wasn’t a thing yet, Motorola One Hyper shipped with Android 10 on board. Thankfully, Motorola decided that this mid-range handset is worthy enough to invest some resource and bring it to Android 11.

Starting this week, some Motorola One Hyper users in Brazil are eligible for the Android 11 update (via Piunika). This is not a wide rollout, but at least one user updated their phone to Android 11 and published a screenshot to prove it’s available for some.

Unfortunately, we only know that the update includes the March security patch. Beyond that, we expect the typical Android 11 improvements that most phones are getting, but Motorola might include some of its own.

Brazil is usually the country where Motorola is testing major Android updates, so it might take a few weeks until One Hyper users in the US will get to update their phones to Android 11. We’ll let you know when Motorola’s One Hyper Android 11 update is ready to be pushed out to other countries.

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