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New MagSafe cases on the way, more colors

“According to the a news agency, the iPhone 12 series of official cases will be available in 5 new colors after the spring conference. If you want to wait for the new colors, you can slowly”

That’s a rough (Google) translation of the leak that reveals Apple’s supposed new MagSafe cases. We don’t know if they will bring any new functionality, but they’ll certainly come in new colors.The Weibo leakster UnclePan (nice one!), claims there are five new cases on the way. He’s only shared the color schemes of four of them. So far, we’ve got blue, peach (?), mint green and deep purple. We’ll leave the naming to Apple’s team – we are sure they’ll come up with some catchy, if not vaguely accurate names.

So far, the officially sold MagSafe cases for the iPhone 12 series vary among the regions. These are your options in the US, while you seem to get more, and brighter colors in the UK. We guess that’s simply an availability ‘issue’. Still, you have virtually countless other options on Amazon, so choice is definitely not a problem.

If you are a fan of any of the upcoming colors, you can wait for an official release at Apple’s “spring conference”, as stated by the leakster. We aren’t 100% sure what this means, but we can only assume he’s referring to the next Apple event, which was originally supposed to be held on March 23.

On the other hand, Apple often releases new accessories during the spring and fall season, so that might be it.

Unfortunately, we don’t have official information on the launch yet. It is expected to take place this month, which would be rather unusual. The last Apple event held in April took place 11 years ago. Therefore, a simple press release introduction of the new iPad Pro, iMac, and apparently cases, is not impossible.

Stay tuned for more information.

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