Since Google announced that Stadia’s first-party development arm, Stadia Games & Entertainment, would be shutting down, there’s been a lot of online prognosticating about the platform’s imminent death — but Google seems committed to making good on its pledge to keep bringing on third-party titles. Case in point: Square Enix’s upcoming RPG-shooter Outriders has launched today, April 1, day-and-date with other platforms.

Outriders is a third-person, sci-fi, RPG-shooter (with so many hyphens, it’s got to be good) developed by People Can Fly, a studio known for work on such franchises as Gears of War. Players use a combination of futuristic weaponry and magic to fight gnarly monsters on the planet Enoch. Gameplay-wise, it looks a bit like a mix of Gears and Destiny, plus a dash of Anthem. The game is designed to be playable solo or co-op with up to three players.

Earlier this year, Google announced that, despite SG&E’s closure, it plans to bring more than 100 third-party games to Stadia this year. If enough of them are big AAA releases like this, maybe Stadia as a consumer platform isn’t doomed after all.

Stadia gamers can buy and get started playing Outriders here as of today.