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PC Builder Creates an Nvidia RTX 4090 for April Fools' Day and It's Massive

(Credit: Kasper Andersen)

A PC builder in Denmark dropped his own April Fools’ joke today by introducing the world to  Nvidia’s RTX 4090 graphics card.  

The giant monstrosity comes from Kasper Andersen, who enjoys modifying old PC parts into new creations. Amid the ongoing GPU shortage, Andersen couldn’t help but poke fun by claiming he received early access to Nvidia’s next-generation graphics card, the RTX 4090.

The RTX 4090 from Kasper Andersen

Credit: Kasper Andersen

The card essentially looks like four RTX 3090s, but all attached together in a massive block of GPU madness. In total, it has 12 fans. The specs for the fake graphics card include 18,000 CUDA cores (or 70% more than the 3090), a 2.16GHz boost clock speed, and a whopping 48GB of GDDR7 video memory. 

To release his April Fools’ joke, Andersen uploaded a video, where he claims Nvidia just announced the RTX 4000 series graphics cards. In the clip, he also takes a dig at the company, noting Nvidia claims it manufactured 21 units of the RTX 4090 at release. “If that’s true, it’s a huge improvement compared to the last generation of cards,” he says. 

“The card is made of all sort of old and defective hardware I had laying around,” Andersen told PCMag in an email. “Even 4 of the fans motors on the RTX comes from Pentium II processors as they where just small enough to fit.”

However, the outer casing was fabricated over a month and a half using a 3D printer. Andersen then assembled and painted the parts.

Inside the card

Credit: Kasper Andersen

In the video, Andersen also places the massive GPU on a motherboard over the PCIe slot to run a custom graphics benchmark program on a PC. 

We encourage you to watch the video because it’s utterly hilarious when the GPU is in action. The eight fans on one side of the card are so powerful they begin pulling a nearby Pepsi can toward the PC. The air flow accelerates to the point the RTX 4090 accidentally pulls itself into the attached PC monitor, crashing into the screen. In response, Andersen literally tapes down the RTX 4090 to the table with duct tape.

RTX 4090 Ti

Credit: Kasper Andersen

Andersen wasn’t content building only an RTX 4090 though. He’s also come up with the RTX 4090 Ti, an even larger GPU.

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