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PUBG unveils limited-time April Fool's arcade mini-game 'POBG'

The POBG April Fool’s mode is surprisingly tough, don’t chicken out (Picture: Krafton)

April Fools’ Day is usually all about pranks but Krafton’s new ‘POBG’ mode on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is no yolk.

Playing off the ‘winner winner, chicken dinner’ phrase that greets victors at the end of a PUBG game, the chickens have decided that it’s time to fight back.

Leading the revolution is a giant chicken called PlayerOmnom, the mode’s namesake, who leads his bird army during the surprising difficult 2D, top-down, arcade minigame.

The single-player mode can be found by clicking a tiny arcade cabinet on the main menu where players will then be met with difficulty settings before rushing across pixelated versions of PUBG maps while fighting off waves of chickens with different weapons and abilities.

Players will have to dive behind cover and scavenge for ammo, weapons, and health in order to progress, though clearing stages will reward you with various abilities. Should you make it far enough, you’ll even be met with a few boss battles.

The gorgeous pixelated art style is inspired by Alexey ‘Gas 13’ Garkushin who has regularly fan-art revolving around the battle royale. The developers gave the artist a shoutout during the announcement of the mode.

The mode is now available to play on PC but only for a limited time as the event will end on April 12.

Console players will also have to wait a little longer as they won’t be able to get their hands on the minigame until April 8 – though they will have until April 18 to make the most of the action-packed game.

For those gamers that are particularly competitive, Krafton is holding a speedrun challenge to see who can complete the hardest difficulty in the fastest time. The top three players will receive G-Coins, PUBG’s in-game currency, for both themselves and to giveaway to other members of the community.

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