Samsung really wants you to know that the Galaxy S21 Ultra has, in its opinion, the best camera you can buy on a smartphone today. These days, it’s not enough for the phone’s photography capabilities to be praised in reviews. You have to meet with consumers on their level, and in 2021, what do ordinary people love more than an overabundance of streaming services? That’s why Samsung is teaming up with Hulu to produce an original reality show called Exposure, in which competitors will be given photography challenges focused around shooting with — you guessed it — a Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Exposure isn’t just your run-of-the-mill product placement. Samsung is credited with creating the series alongside BBH Entertainment (a subsidiary of ad agency BBH). Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are also involved through Westbrook Media, the digital-focused production company they co-founded. It’s the first of what Hulu hopes to be many branded shows for its platform, designed to negate the need for skippable ads altogether. Considering Samsung’s love for advertisements on Galaxy phones, it’s unsurprising to see the company be the one to kick off the initiative.

If you’re interested in getting a preview of the future for streaming media — or you just want to see how the Galaxy S21 Ultra performs in a branded reality show — Exposure debuts on Hulu on April 26th. For the best viewing experience, make sure you upgrade to Hulu’s ad-free subscription before watching.