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Samsung's UWB-equipped SmartTags+ are now up for preorder

Samsung announced the Galaxy SmartTag back in January, alongside its Galaxy S21 series of phones. A direct competitor to Tile, SmartTags are designed to help you keep track of keys, wallets, and anything else that has a habit of disappearing on its own. Although the standard SmartTags have been on sale for a little over two months now, the enhanced Tag+ model wasn’t given a release window during its announcement. However, Samsung’s advanced Bluetooth tracker is now available for preorder from B&H, with availability beginning on April 12th.

For the most part, the SmartTag+ is the same gadget as the original version released in January, with one notable change. This model includes ultra-wideband support, which improves accuracy when measuring distances between devices compared to Bluetooth LE on its own. Unlike Tile tags, these trackers only work with Samsung phones running Android 8 or newer. If you’re rocking a Pixel 5 or any other Android smartphone, you’ll need to find another way to keep track of your lost gear.

Samsung has priced the UWB version at $39.99, while the basic Bluetooth model is still up for purchase at just $29.99. Currently, B&H has the SmartTag+ up for preorder in both black and denim blue, though only the black option has that April 12th release date. You can pick one up in either color using the links below.

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