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The hot-selling Apple AirPods Pro are heavily discounted on Amazon

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The AirPods Pro are definitely among the best-selling earbuds in the United States, even though they’re not among the cheapest. These wireless earphones featuring active noise cancellation typically sell for $250, but many retailers, including Apple, often offer small discounts on the AirPods Pro.

The fact that they’re often on sale can only boost the AirPods Pro’s sales to the point that they always go out of stock when there’s a decent promotion. If you’re hunting for a good deal on Apple’s AirPods Pro, we might have something for you, but only if you hurry.

Amazon offers a 20% discount on the Apple AirPods Pro, and while the US retailer usually keeps these deals live for a few days, these earphones are selling like hotcakes, so it won’t be long until they go back to their usual price.

In fact, it looks like Amazon has already sold the initial stock at this price, so the next shipment will arrive on April 28. However, you can still order the Apple AirPods Pro and save $50, although we don’t believe the deal will remain live for too long.

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