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Tinder's Passport Feature Is Free Again for April

(Photo by Spencer Davis via Unsplash)

A lot of folks are rethinking their cancelled 2020 vacation plans, but you don’t have to pack a bag or board a plane to travel with Tinder.

The online dating platform is offering its Passport feature free all month, so you can find a fantasy fling anywhere from Brazil to the UK, or simply test the international waters while you wait for a vaccine.

Through April 30, anyone on Tinder can search by city or drop a pin on the map to begin matching and chatting with folks around the world—no subscription necessary. As in life, you can virtually be in only one city at a time. However, users are encouraged to frequently change locations; people you’ve liked while using Passport may see your profile for up to 24 hours after changing your whereabouts.

Tinder Passport

Photo via Tinder

When Tinder made the feature free last April, more than a quarter of members globally flocked to it, documenting their #TinderPassport adventures on TikTok. Members reportedly made 1.4 billion connections via Passport that month, and broke the app’s highest-matches-per-day record on April 24 with 55 million pairings.

“We saw such overwhelming adoption of Passport the first time around because people were desperate for connection,” according to Tinder VP of product Udi Milo. “One year later, we expect similar adoption for a different reason: possibility. We’re all eager to close this chapter of our lives, but we’re still (mostly) at home,” he continued. “Tinder Passport lets us dream about what life might be like when we can travel, meet new people, and make plans again.”

To access the feature, simply visit Settings, tap your location, add a new location, and drop a pin. Unsure where to travel first? Tinder compiled a list of global cities with the best chemistry (i.e. most Swipe Right activity). Look for love in Los Angeles, New York, or Miami, or head further afield in London, Paris, Tokyo, Seoul, Stockholm, Amsterdam, and Moscow.

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