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Weighing up the positives and negatives of remote working

It’s been over a year since companies across the world started to recommend that employees work from home, as a deadly new virus spread across the globe. A year on, perhaps one of the many unexpected consequences of the pandemic has been a complete restructuring of the way we work.

For a long time, jobs that offered employees the ability to work from home were widely attractive, perhaps seen as an indication of a progressive workplace that afforded staff a degree of flexibility and autonomy. With a lack of infrastructure or culture in place to support remote working, however, many of those working from home experienced isolation, disorganization, and low productivity. Many tried to improve this, but were often shunned by employers and employees alike, who eschewed tech in place of tradition. Covid-19 has changed all of this by effectively levelling the playing field and forcing the majority to work from home, a definitive inflection point.

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Ivan Soto-Wright is co-founder and CEO at MoonPay 

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